Motorlease Fall Event

Embrace the Motorlease way of life – an environment where employees thrive and a culture that promotes gratitude, honors achievement, and values all team members. Participate in our FALLing In Love With Motorlease Social Media Contest for a chance to win a surprise treat ($50 value), and of course, major bragging rights!

1) Play a Social Game

Much like in the game of Survivor, in order to win our contest you have to be social! (Don’t worry, this is much easier than on Survivor.)

All you have to do is Like/Follow Motorlease on any of our social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. You’ll receive 1 point for each Like/Follow. Multiple page Likes = multiple game points!!

2) Be Irresistibly Engaging

It’s no time to be shy now (we already know that you “Like” us), go ahead and engage with our content by Liking or Sharing a social post made by Motorlease. Just pop on to one of our social media pages and scroll through to find the content that you love the most. You’ll score 1 point for every post that you Like or Share!

3) Share A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Words are wonderful, but photos have a way of truly capturing the moment. And there’s nothing we love more than photos of our people, enjoying the moment at Motorlease.

Post your favorite Motorlease-related photo, tagging @motorleasecorp and using our #WhateverItTakes hashtag. Show off your painted pumpkin from the Fall event, snap a selfie with your favorite co-worker, grab a shot that offers a brief glimpse into your work day, the skies the limit! Since we love photos so much – we’re giving you 5 points for every photo that you share!

ADDED INCENTIVE: For every photo you post capturing our Fall Event and including the hashtag #WhateverItTakes, you’ll earn an extra ticket for our event raffle!

4) Score Big with these 3 Hot-Ticket Items

Now these are called hot-ticket items for a reason, we’re going to give you 10 points for each task performed – but we’re going to make you work for them!
  • You can score big by creating a “day in the life” video to offer a quick peek into your daily workday routine. (No worries if it isn’t an uber professional, Grade A quality masterpiece – just a fun video from your cell phone or tablet will suffice!)
  • Or you can write up a “why” story on your LinkedIn profile: what drew you to your specific role, the industry, or even Motorlease.
  • As a final option for scoring the big points, you can share an industry-specific blog post or article.
Important! Only posts tagged with @motorleasecorp and with hashtag #WhateverItTakes will be counted!