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The Benefits of Partnering with a Fleet Management Company

There is no shortage of challenges facing businesses in today’s world. From hiring and staffing, to profit margins and strategic planning, companies have a lot on their plate. With so much to do, it comes as no surprise that the company’s vehicle program, while necessary to operations, can be viewed as just another hassle. So what’s the solution? Well, if you’re looking to ease the burdens associated with managing company vehicles so that you can get back to focusing on your organization’s core business, partnering with a fleet management company may be the perfect answer. Here are 4 benefits of working with a fleet management company that you may not have considered.

Increased Flexibility

The ability to maneuver nimbly can be crucial for any company. While typical dealer leasing can be stringent and inflexible, fleet management companies are used to working with business clients. As a result, fleet management companies can customize programs that tailored to meet an organization’s unique needs. Things such as low excess mileage charges, the ability to re-write a lease mid-term, and favorable early termination arrangements make fleet management companies an ideal partner for those looking for some added flexibility.

The Ability to Budget

Uncertain economic and political climates have made the ability to accurately budget expenses and manage cash-flow more important than ever before. Working with a fleet management company that specializes in closed-end leasing can provide your organization with the ability to accurately budget your vehicle expenses for years in advance. Closed-end leasing provides peace-of-mind by taking all of risk of ownership out of the equation, allowing you to simply pay only for the portion of the vehicle that you use.

A Plethora of Choices Under One Roof

Working with a fleet management company has the built in advantage of allowing companies to consolidate all of their shopping into one place. Whether you’re looking for sedans, SUVs, or vans of nearly any make or model, your fleet management company will have you covered. And if your vehicles require special upfitting, your fleet management company can take that burden off of your shoulders too.

Negotiated Pricing

Fleet management companies often times have special negotiated pricing arrangements with certain manufacturers to provide discounts that go above and beyond what’s available to the general buying public. By partnering with a fleet management company, businesses can leverage that relationship in order to decrease their overall costs.


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