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Our Totalease solution offers all-inclusive fleet management services that keep you going.

We’re celebrating 75 years on the road!
Motorlease is a fleet management company that offers a simplified approach and customized programs that bring you value.


Totalease offers just that—total service with the ease and convenience of white-glove service. Totalease is tailored to your specific needs.

Fleet Management Solutions

From vehicle selection to registration and insurance, we manage all the details of your leasing and fleet management program.

Solutions Checklist

Not sure which Motorlease solution fits your exact needs? Our solutions checklist has you covered.

Customers love working with Motorlease

Our lasting client relationships are built on trust and family values.

Learning Center

Education and resources that help you make smart, informed desigions.

We care about our customers

We learn about your business and your fleet requirements and then provide a leasing
recommendation that is designed to fit your situation no matter how unique it may be.

We have over 75 years of experience providing exceptional customer care.
We have 75+ years experience caring for our customers, employees, and the community.

Let’s customize a solution that’s perfect for you.