Case Study: Orexo

Motorlease works with pharmaceutical company, Orexo, to design a suite of customized management solutions for their 40+ vehicle fleet.


Orexo was in search of a fleet management company that would go above and beyond to meet their needs. After experiencing frustration and frequently hearing the word “no” with their previous management company, becoming a member of the Motorlease family of customers has been a breath of fresh air. Orexo is a successful pharmaceutical organization with reps across the nation who travel frequently. Being a small organization has meant limited capacity for the operations team to self-manage, resulting in the critical need for seamless, turn-key fleet management. Orexo also prides themselves on providing their drivers with a car they’ll love that meets rigorous standards for safety, and their search for a company that could meet these diverse needs is what lead them to Motorlease.


Motorlease brings greater flexibility and lower costs to Orexo’s fleet management program, and provides a great selection of vehicles with AWD and a 5-star crash safety rating. We worked within Orexo’s desired budget to meet their needs and offer added value through custom enhancements. This includes everything from coordination of rental cars, a toll program, and personalized service to walk each driver through a seamless order process. Motorlease also designed a custom onboarding program and welcome packet so each new driver has a positive experience and all the information they need when receiving their vehicle.

Motorlease has done things that our previous provider simply would not do. Their customer service has been excellent and I am really impressed.

To help alleviate management responsibilities and concerns, the Motorlease team handles all the communication to the Orexo drivers and facilitates a weekly “State of the Fleet” phone call. Most importantly, Motorlease has become a trusted partner for the company and their drivers—doing whatever it takes to keep Orexo on the road.


Motorlease has consistently over delivered, never missing a beat and providing all the enhancements Orexo is looking for. In addition, Motorlease has made fleet management effortless and easy, with prompt communication, seamless billing, and a deep understanding of Orexo’s ongoing needs. The result is greater efficiency, cost savings, better options, and more time on the road for Orexo sales representatives to drive new business for the organization.
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