Fleet Maintenance

We handle all aspects of your fleet vehicle maintenance needs.

Service scheduling made simple
With different vehicles all having different service schedules, coordinating maintenance for your entire fleet can be a hassle. Motorlease simplifies that process with a comprehensive fleet maintenance program that can save you time and money—and keep your vehicles running smoothly.

How we help you operate your fleet

  • We pay vendors for you
  • We track warranties and recalls for you
  • We troubleshoot complex issues for you
  • We send you one bill for expenses incurred
  • You pick where maintenance takes place
  • You receive unparalleled coverage
  • You keep coverage as long as the vehicle is yours
  • You receive lease credits for time out of service

Fleet maintenance without the headaches

You don’t have to set up billing accounts with a multitude of vendors or keep track of which vehicles have an expiring warranty. That’s why we’re here. Our fleet maintenance programs take that burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on the parts of the business that truly need your attention.

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Fleet Assessment Tool
Motorlease has been optimizing fleets for compliance with industry regulations for over 75 years.
Savings & Safety Results
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