A diverse group with a common trait

Our clients come from varied geographies and industries. Their fleets range in size from just a few vehicles to hundreds. Their drivers run the gamut from chief executives and sales representatives to repair technicians and delivery personnel.

As different as they are, they share a need that distinguishes them as organizations that match our strengths. Our clients depend on exceptional fleet management service for their businesses to thrive. Some other ways to describe our best-fit clients are:

They don’t have the time or expertise to be in the company car business but a fleet is necessary for doing business

They want the ability to budget vehicle expenses years in advance

They are tired of the endless list of service fees, management fees and processing fees that have become commonplace in modern fleet management

Nonprofits with the unique requirements of organizations with a social mission

Foreign companies with US operations who are looking for true, full-service operating leases

One Call One Answer

80% of the customer calls we receive can be answered by anyone at Motorlease. You read that right: anyone. Not because the questions and issues are easy ones but because we are staffed with experienced employees (one half have at least 10 years of service) and everyone is cross-trained in our business’s various roles and responsibilities. That means we get your vehicles and drivers back on the road faster and with less hassle.

In our clients’ words

If you are looking for a true partner that will treat you and your drivers the way that they ought to be treated, you will find Motorlease to be that partner.

Mary Ellen DeMond, The May Institute, Randolph, MA

My drivers really like the experience that we’ve had with Motorlease. Especially because of the flexibility that Motorlease gives us. Many of the cars are perk cars. Its executives, they have very special requirements. So…

Willie Cerpa, Central National-Gottesman, Purchase, NY

I hear nothing from my drivers, I hear nothing from my fleet manager, my inbox is empty of complaining emails, so that’s why I work with Motorlease.

Tim Grabham, Qiagen, Germantown, MD

If you’re looking for a world class partner that will allow you to focus on your business, look no further than Motorlease.

Tom Coughlin, Former Head Coach, New York Giants

Our clients are road warriors

Our clients drive all over North America’s interstates, city streets, and country roads. Some of them have been with us since we opened our doors almost 70 years ago and some are brand new. But they all know that our leasing programs are unmatched for flexibility, service and bottom line price.


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