Case Study: ABCO

One of our longest standing relationships, Motorlease has been working with Long Island City, NY based ABCO Refrigeration for over 40 years.

Like with many of our partners, driver relationships are very important to ABCO Refrigeration. They look for a fleet management company who is willing to interact with their drivers on a day-to-day basis and handle all their needs directly, and that’s exactly what Motorlease does for them.

“Everything goes directly to Motorlease because that’s the value add that they provide,” says Matt Francisco, EVP of Project Management. “That’s what Motorlease is there for. It’s a full, outsourced, white glove service.”

“They’re great at what they do, you can tell that it’s a family run company and that the people that you work with actually care about what they do. You can hire people and pay them whatever you want, but you can’t make them care.”

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