Case Study: Qiagen

For over 20 years, Motorlease has been partnering with Qiagen to provide an all-inclusive, turn-key fleet management solution.

When determining what a successful program would look like for Qiagen, we were guided to make the program as simple as possible. To that end, we’ve implemented a program that includes everything from registration and maintenance, to insurance and fuel cards. The entire program is designed to take each and every one of the daily burdens of fleet management and put them on our shoulders.

When it comes to ordering vehicles, Motorlease makes the process easy and pain-free. Qiagen drivers are provided with a simple selector, which allows their drivers to choose from a pre-approved list of vehicles. The drivers’ selections are then relayed directly to Motorlease, thus streamlining the process.

Speaking to the success of the partnership, Tim Grabham, Senior Director of Commercial Operations,  says, “I hear nothing from my drivers, I hear nothing from my fleet manager, and my inbox is empty of complaining emails…I’m happy, my balance sheet is happy, so everything’s working. I’m looking forward to the next 20 years working with Motorlease.”

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