Leasing Options

Our leasing options can save you time and money.
We don’t believe in cookie-cutter plans
At Motorlease, we don’t offer cookie-cutter plans that apply to just some of our customers. In fact, no two are exactly alike because every customer receives a unique proposal and approach that’s custom fit to their needs. We call it “perfect fit” fleet leasing, and we’re sure whatever we offer will be perfect for you.

Explore lease options that work for you

  • Open-end
  • Closed-end
  • Totalease
  • Equity lease
  • Buy/sell
  • High mileage
  • Flexible terms
  • Fixed cost

Let’s work together to find the right program

Whether you want the white-glove service of our Totalease program or the option to have us purchase the car on your behalf, Motorlease has you covered. We also offer equity leases where you retain vehicle ownership and programs that are geared toward fleets with high mileage.

Customers love working with Motorlease

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