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Insurance coverage to safeguard your fleet
An accident can be a stressful event, but it’s especially taxing when you consider how many different things there are to handle in its aftermath. Not only is the condition of the driver a concern but dealing with the insurance companies and facilitating repairs can be a laborious and hectic process. Motorlease offers a variety of insurance types, including liability, collision, total collision and managed collision to keep your fleet protected.

Benefits of insurance with Motorlease

  • Insurance effective upon delivery
  • New ID cards issued automatically with renewal
  • We provide nationwide proof of insurance upon demand
  • Lease credits for out-of-service vehicles
  • Expedited removal from the lease for totaled vehicles
  • Low-cost deductibles available
  • Negotiating and coordinating repairs

Let our experts handle your insurance needs

No matter the level of insurance you need for your fleet, Motorlease is here for you. We offer insurance that’s effective upon delivery with expedited removal of totaled vehicles from the lease to help your bottom line. Avoid the headaches and intricacies of insurance and allow our knowledgeable team to do it for you.

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