Case Study: Mental Health Connecticut

Since 2015, Motorlease has been a proud partner of Mental Health Connecticut, which works to deliver access to mental health and wellness resources throughout the state.

For over 100 years, Mental Health Connecticut (MHC)has given a voice to those in need through its advocacy, education, and initiatives supporting mental health and wellness across the state.

After experiencing difficulties with the other guys, MHC knew that they needed a reliable, responsive, and dedicated fleet partner. They found this partner in Motorlease and established a mutually beneficial relationship that has helped facilitate the important work they do in the community since 2015.


From informing local and national policymakers on the needs of Connecticut’s residents to designing and managing educational and support programs, MHC enables residents to maintain and lead healthy lives through a variety of services.

One of the critical services offered by MHC is transportation to appointments (mental health, substance abuse, primary care, etc.), grocery shopping, and other activities needed to maintain their homes and overall well-being. With more than half of their 250 employees providing rides for their clients, MHC regularly utilizes a fleet of about 20 vehicles.

Before partnering with Motorlease, MHC was experiencing challenges with customer service and responsiveness from a previous vendor. Additionally, the previous vendor’s generic fleet solutions didn’t quite fit the unique needs of the organization. Not only was this an area of frustration, but it also raised considerations about efficient operations.


Motorlease handles everything from vehicle acquisition to maintenance and helps MHC stay organized and on top of its service schedule. By offering close-ended leases and cycling vehicles out every 3 to 4 years, MHC doesn’t have to worry about upkeep and the condition of their vehicles on the road.

They're very responsive when the vehicles need maintenance… the fact that they were responsive at the highest levels of the organization… we’re probably by no means their largest customer, but, they were just as responsive to us if we had been

Additionally, Motorlease remained an active partner during the COVID-19 pandemic; assisting MHC in identifying and coordinating vendors to install PPE into their vehicles to protect drivers and clients. Understanding that they could not pause the work they do for the community, Motorlease went above and beyond to help MHC adapt and adjust to the global crisis.

Moreover, Motorlease developed a vehicle lifecycle and programs that have helped in planning and budgeting for MHC. Through annual strategy meetings, Motorlease is able to provide solutions and suggestions for the best utilization of vehicles (mileage, usage, etc.). As a non-profit organization that works within a specific budget, the preventative maintenance and strategic planning offered by Motorlease have been instrumental in enhancing operations for MHC.

We’re in the business of people, and people have to come first… we need to have not only the best practices in our delivery of services but also best practices in our business office… within a couple of days they [Motorlease] came back with very actionable fixes to the issues we have brought up… we have not had a single issue with Motorlease, they're responsive, they're always open for feedback. They have streamlined their processes based on some of the feedback we gave them… they have a really good customer-centered approach to their work


Through their responsive service, having a customer-centered approach, and developing unique solutions, Motorlease has demonstrated itself as a strong and reliable partner to MHC.

Not only has Motorlease filled a service gap left by the previous vendor, but they have been able to deliver MHC peace of mind and time to focus on doing what they do best— promoting mental health and wellness resources to residents across the state.

Their customer-centered approach… the partnerships that they create… and their responsiveness to the individual needs of the organization. Not every organization has the same needs. And they [Motorlease] take the time to learn what your businesses are and how you're utilizing your fleet to give you the best product possible.

For Motorlease, working with MHC has helped broaden their understanding of the unique needs of various businesses; especially those in the nonprofit sector.

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