Case Study: Belimo

For over a decade, Motorlease and Belimo Air Controls have been working together to administer a comprehensive, yet cost-effective fleet program.

Like any responsible company, cost was a top-of-mind concern for Belimo. They charged Motorlease with developing as robust a program as possible, all while staying within their pre-determined budget.

One of the ways that Motorlease was able to help Belimo control their costs was by implementing our all-inclusive Full Maintenance program. This program allows Belimo a fixed-cost maintenance solution that eliminates all the uncertainty associated with vehicle maintenance. “I’m never surprised by a bill. Working with Motorlease on a day-to-day basis really is a great experience” Says Gina Bendlin of Belimo.

Bendlin continues, “Motorlease knows what our budgets are, and they know what our level of expectation is. They know how important we are as a larger-small company to make sure that our drivers are happy, and they go above and beyond to do that.”

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