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Our customer service is prompt, personal, and provides you with peace of mind.

Whatever it takes to keep you on the road

Great customer care and providing white-glove service is a core element of our solutions. We understand the value of answering the phone when a customer calls and understanding their exact needs. Our customers become part of the Motorlease family because we take the time to understand your needs and foster meaningful partnerships that often span years, if not decades. We are real people who care about our clients, and we believe it’s the attention we pay to even the tiniest of details that makes our service exceptional.

Honesty and transparency

You’ll be happy to find that our invoices don’t look like phone bills filled with extra fees and hidden charges. They are easy to follow and will perfectly match our agreement. The first time you call us for help you’ll recognize that our employees are professionals and are empowered to solve your problem on the spot. No scripts, no merry-go-round of transfers, and no endless on-hold hits of the 80s.

Our trusted team

When you call, we answer. The Motorlease team has over 75 years of experience helping small-to-mid sized fleets get where they need to go. We know what it takes to keep you on the road, and are dedicated to each and every client we serve.

Customers love working with Motorlease

Fleet Assessment Tool
Motorlease has been optimizing fleets for compliance with industry regulations for over 75 years.
Savings & Safety Results
Learn how Motorlease informed decisions about the overall health and efficiency of client fleets.

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