We’re built around you

At Motorlease, customer care begins even before you become our customer. We won’t waste your time with an off-the-shelf proposal. We will learn about your business and your fleet requirements and then provide a leasing recommendation that is designed to fit your situation no matter how unique it may be.

And when you are our customer …

You’ll be happy to find that our invoices don’t look like phone bills filled with extra fees and hidden charges. They are easy to follow and will perfectly match our agreement.

The first time you call us for help you’ll recognize that our employees are professionals and are empowered to solve your problem on the spot. No scripts, no merry-go-round of transfers, and no endless on-hold hits of the 80s.

Because of our commitment to continuous improvement and simplification, one-stop-authorization is standard on all but the most extensive or specialized repairs.

One Call One Answer

80% of the customer calls we receive can be answered by anyone at Motorlease. You read that right: anyone. Not because the questions and issues are easy ones but because we are staffed with experienced employees (one half have at least 10 years of service) and everyone is cross-trained in our business’s various roles and responsibilities. That means we get your vehicles and drivers back on the road faster and with less hassle.

Our team is road-tested

Promises mean nothing without a team to back them up. Our management team has been in place for an average of 14 years and the average length of staff employment is 12 years. We are committed to making sure your employees can arrive where they need to be when they need to be there.

Motorlease Management Team

Our clients get the last word

We operate a fleet of higher-mileage vans throughout the Northeast and Midwest. Motorlease does a great job helping to control our costs. They provide our technicians with the flexibility to use repair facilities of their choice, which is a timesaver. Their reporting and billing is straightforward and easy to understand.

Ed Bergers, Envipco, Naugatuck, CT

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