Fleet Management

We’ve kept fleets like yours on the road for more than 75 years.
Solutions to keep your fleet moving and business thriving
We understand that your fleet is the lifeblood of your business. That’s why we empower our staff to do whatever is needed to keep your vehicles on the road. It’s that level of commitment to our customers that dictates every decision we make as a company and every benefit we offer to our customers. Let us help your business keep moving forward.

Benefits of fleet management with Motorlease

  • Buy/Sell
  • Closed-End Lease
  • Equity Lease
  • Acquisition Program
  • Remarketing Solutions
  • Safety
  • Upfit
  • Maintenance can be performed anywhere
  • No out-of-network fees
  • Unlimited tires and brakes coverage
  • Full coverage as long as the vehicle is yours
  • Lease credits for time out-of-service

Total maintenance and then some

Motorlease gives you the structure you need in a fleet leasing partnership but the flexibility you want to operate your business as you wish. Outside of warranty items, drivers can go wherever they want to have maintenance performed in our maintenance programs. You pick the place, and we’ll authorize, track and pay for the repair.

Full coverage stays with you for as long as you have the vehicle, even if you’re over your mileage or past term. That type of coverage is comprehensive, from oil changes to engine work—including unlimited coverage on tires and brakes—and we’ll even give you lease credits for any time you are out of service.

Customers love working with Motorlease

Fleet Assessment Tool
Motorlease has been optimizing fleets for compliance with industry regulations for over 75 years.
Savings & Safety Results
Learn how Motorlease informed decisions about the overall health and efficiency of client fleets.

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