Motorlease Named 2017 Best Places to Work in Connecticut

2017 CT Best Places to Work

For the second consecutive year, Motorlease Corporation has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Connecticut by the Hartford Business Journal (HBJ) and Best Companies Group. The statewide survey and awards program identifies, recognizes, and honors Connecticut’s best employers, on a variety of criteria. The selection process is a two-pronged approach, with 75% of the results being based off of an in-depth, confidential employee engagement and satisfaction survey, and the remaining 25% based on an overall company assessment.

Winning companies were recognized at a special awards ceremony on February 15, and profiled in the February issue of the Hartford Business Journal.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as one of the best places to work in the state for a second consecutive year,” said Beth Kandrysawtz, CEO. “We recently celebrated our 70th anniversary, a milestone that would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the talented individuals who work at Motorlease. Our employees are truly our greatest asset and we’re incredibly humbled to have earned their endorsement.”

“From day one at Motorlease, you truly feel like you are part of a family,” said Judy Stivaly, Account Manager, who has spent the past 15 years with Motorlease. “Employee input is not only valued, but regularly sought out. Management continually empowers us to do whatever is necessary to make sure our clients feel confident, respected, and appreciated. It really is a fantastic place to work.”

Asked to elaborate on what makes working at Motorlease unique in comparison to previous employers, Mark Besso, Maintenance & Insurance Coordinator, who joined Motorlease in 2016 said, “I’m at work early every day because I want to be there. This is the first place I’ve worked where when you’re called into the manager’s office, it isn’t to be criticized, but rather to have a mutual discussion on how to improve a particular situation. It is a true atmosphere of mutual respect and positivity.”

“Providing exceptional experiences for our clients starts with providing exceptional experiences for our employees,” said Joe Pelehach, Vice President, who has been with Motorlease for 29 years. “Every member of the teams brings a different skill set to the table, and we try our best to ensure that they’re placed in a position where they can legitimately thrive.”