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Automotive Fleet June 2015

Appearing in the June 2105 issue of Automotive Fleet Magazine, Motorlease CEO Beth Kandrysawtz sat down with AF’s Mike Antich for an AF Ariticle-June2015exclusive interview on a wide range of topics including growing up in the fleet industry, her business philosophies, and what we can expect to see from Motorlease moving forward.  The article can be read in its entirety here. An excerpt can be read below:


AF: What ideals and business philosophy drive you and Motorlease?

KANDRYSAWTZ: Really, there are two core ideals that drive us: First, our brand promise to do whatever our clients need to stay on the road. Our clients turn to us not just to manage the process by providing them with rules and passwords, but rather to give them a guaranteed cost solution. Second, we remain true to our family business ideals — relationships are important — and that means relationships with our employees and our customers. We treat our employees as part of the family, and, for our clients, we value the long-term relationships that have remained solid not for years, but for decades.