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American Automotive Leasing Association (AALA) Recognizes Motorlease with Lifetime Membership Award –


Motorlease Corporation received a special Lifetime Membership Award from the American Automotive Leasing Association (AALA) at the Association’s annual meeting on September 30, 2015 in
Washington, DC. The award recognizes Motorlease’s contributions to AALA, in particularBethAcceptingAward Motorlease’s success in a 1966 United States Supreme Court decision, Motorlease Corp. v. United States,  383 U.S. 573, which reversed a 1964 decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit that interpreted tax laws related to property depreciation and disposition. The Motorlease decision regarding the depreciation and disposition of assets provided an environment in which the automobile fleet leasing industry could grow to new heights.

“The Supreme Court decision in favor of Motorlease was pivotal to the Automotive Fleet  Leasing industry, and set the stage for the creation of  the AALA,” said Pamela Sederholm, Executive Director of AALA. “On our 60th anniversary, we felt it was appropriate to honor Motorlease in this way, as their advocacy in this Supreme Court decision, and the company’s active involvement with AALA through our 60-year history, has been instrumental in the success of fleet leasing.”

The award is inscribed: “Presented in recognition of the pivotal role played by Motorlease during the formative AALA Awardyears of the American Automotive Fleet Leasing industry. Motorlease’s participation in the creation of the AALA helped assure a business environment conducive to growth of an industry that has made significant contributions to the strength of the United States’ economy.”

“As pioneers in the development of the vital industry of fleet leasing and management, I am particularly proud to have been able to present this award to Motorlease and to recognize the important role that Motorlease has played in the health and success of our business,” said Jim Frank, CEO of Wheels, Inc.

“Historically, Motorlease has played a strong role in the fleet leasing industry, advocating for and establishing best practices in many areas and we have held leadership positions in AALA throughout the years. Motorlease is a family business, and I’m pleased to accept this award on behalf of our founders and previous leaders, as well as Motorlease’s dedicated staff,” said Beth Kandrysawtz, CEO of Motorlease.

About AALA

The American Automotive Leasing Association (AALA) is a national industry association composed of commercial automotive fleet leasing and management companies. Membership includes domestic and international companies as well as family-owned businesses. AALA ensures that the business interests of the fleet leasing industry are properly represented before Congress, the Executive Branch and regulatory agencies. Increasingly, AALA is taking a more active advocacy role at the state and local levels of government, as well as actively working with regulatory agencies charged with interpretation and implementation of laws. Additional information is available at www.aalafleet.com.