Not just another pretty car

For 70 years Motorlease has served the small to mid-sized fleet leasing market and we know our continued success lies in staying true to this core client base. Many in the industry are changing who they are and how they do business in order to accommodate the volume of larger-sized clients. Not us. We will continue to put our expertise to work for organizations that value long-term, personal relationships and exceptional service.

The strength of family

Motorlease truly is a family business. Members of the Leary family have been in leadership positions since the day the company opened and still are today. Employees stay with us for so long that we think of them as family. Clients, some who have been with us since our earliest days, are as close as family. Why does it matter? Because we believe everyone thrives when there are strong relationships to lean on.

Bumper-to-bumper experience

Or you could call it end-to-end coverage. Either way, we have unmatched strength and experience in every area of the organization. Our five key managers have more than 110 years of fleet leasing and management experience, and half of our total staff have been with Motorlease for 10 years or more.

Our “One Call, One Answer” team concept ensures that no matter which customer service team member answers a customer service call the response will be immediate and accurate. Every employee receives training in almost all aspects of the business and can handle about 80% of driver questions or issues whether or not they are part of the employee’s formal job description.

Whatever you need to stay on the road

This is our promise. It was true the day Motorlease handed over the keys to its first vehicle and it will continue to guide how we conduct business into the future.

Our team is road-tested

Promises mean nothing without a team to back them up. Our management team has been in place for an average of 23 years and the average length of staff employment is 12 years. We are committed to making sure your employees can arrive where they need to be when they need to be there.

Motorlease Management Team

Our clients are road warriors

Our clients drive all over North America’s interstates, city streets, and country roads. Some of them have been with us since we opened our doors almost 70 years ago and some are brand new. But they all know that our leasing programs are unmatched for flexibility, service and bottom line price.


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