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Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

With the snow melting and the temperature beginning to rise, the last remnants of a long winter are mercifully fading away. As those cold and dreary months transition to warm spring days, now is an ideal time to take stock of the toll that winter took on your vehicle. Here are several suggestions to help your car shake off the winter blues and get in shape for the warmer months ahead.

Examine Your Tires

As the temperature fluctuates, so does your tire pressure. With winter coming to an end, it’s a good idea to make sure that your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. The proper PSI for your vehicle is typically located on a sticker on the inside part of the driver’s side door.

Additionally, if you’re someone who puts winter tires on your vehicle, be sure to swap those out before the weather becomes too warm. Using winter tires during the warmer months can result in faster tread wear, thus increasing the chances of a flat or a blowout. If you’re someone who uses all-season tires, give them a thorough look to make sure that there’s no warping, bulges, or cracks, and that there’s still an adequate amount of tread left.

Also, don’t forget to check on the status of your spare tire. The worst time to find out that your spare tire has an issue is when you actually need to use it.

Inspect Mechanical Elements

Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle. The influx of road salt present during the winter can lead to rust and corrosion within your vehicle’s braking system, and the crater-sized potholes that manifest themselves every year can severely impact your vehicle’s alignment. To stay safe, be sure to have these, and other, mechanical elements inspected as part of your routine spring maintenance.

Wash Your Vehicle’s Undercarriage

If you live in an area that routinely gets snow during the winter, you’re no doubt familiar with the mixture of salt, sand, and grime that accumulates on the road during those months. However, what you may not be aware of is the amount of that mixture that ends up affixed to the undercarriage of your vehicle. If left unchecked, that debris could lead to rust and corrosion issues down the line. To solve this issue, spend the few extra dollars for the undercarriage cleaning the next time you visit your local car wash.

Give the Interior and Exterior a Thorough Cleaning

Not only does that salt, sand, and grime mixture fasten itself to the undercarriage of your vehicle, but it can also be found all over the exterior and interior as well. Protect your vehicle’s shine by giving it a thorough wash and wax. Be sure to remember those not-so-obvious places such as the underside of the doors. Don’t forget to give the interior of your vehicle a thorough cleaning as well. Salt and sand can wear down fabrics and cause rips and tears.

Change Wiper Blades

Keeping your windshield clear of sleet and snow during the winter months can take a serious toll on your wiper blades. And since you have to go through those April showers before you get to the May flowers, it’s imperative that your wipers are in tip-top shape during those spring months.



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