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At Motorlease, we specialize in leasing options that are easy and predictable. With our closed-end lease option, your fleet can budget for years in advance, knowing not only the monthly lease rate but that you will never receive a surprise invoice at the end of the term. Motorlease takes on that risk, allowing you to focus on your core business without having to track the ups and downs of the used vehicle market.

Vehicle maintenance is an unavoidable and cumbersome part of fleet operations. Whether preventative or unscheduled, fleets need a way to approve, track, and manage repairs. This substantial work can become a full-time job when dealing with multiple drivers. At Motorlease, we offer fleet maintenance options to remove the labor of upkeep from your internal team and place it directly with our experts.

Another significant undertaking within fleet operations is managing the registration and insurance of multiple vehicles. These problems can be exacerbated when vehicles are located in different states, most of which have unique requirements that must be met to remain compliant. One simple mistake can cause your driver to be taken off the road until they spend time at the DMV to fix the issue. That downtime can be extremely costly to your business. With Motorlease, we remove that worry. Our Registration and Insurance Management programs will track and renew your vehicles’ registration and insurance on your behalf. We even process state changes when a car moves across state lines. The result is peace of mind knowing that your vehicles are always in compliance and covered.

Tracking and reimbursing for fuel can be a substantial challenge for fleets. You rely on your organization’s drivers to compile and file all their fueling transactions and then must process individual reimbursements for each driver. It can be a nightmare. 

Motorlease solves this problem by issuing your drivers’ personal fuel cards. These cards, accepted at over 99% of fueling stations across the United States, act just like credit cards. Drivers can use these cards to purchase fuel (based on access controls your fleet customizes), logging each transaction into a custom dashboard. Our fuel management system replaces the outdated receipt and reimbursement method, providing you with one invoice at the end of the billing period for the cost of fuel. Optimize your operations with one payment instead of cutting reimbursement checks to every one of your drivers.

A company-provided vehicle is a fantastic recruiting and retention tool. However, the IRS thinks so too. The IRS considers a vehicle a fringe benefit if it is available for employees to use for personal travel. As a result, specific tax calculations are required to ensure that your company is withholding the appropriate amount based on your employees’ personal use. While there are various methods of calculation and reporting, most are time-consuming and complicated. Motorlease will help you simplify the personal use tracking process by giving your employees access to a custom portal to enter their business and personal mileage. With this data, we can provide you with reports that make the calculations a breeze, saving your team countless hours of work.

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