Managed Fuel Card Program

Managed fuel card programs are programs that are designed to simplify the process of obtaining fuel for drivers, compile relevant data for managers, and lower overall fuel spend for the company.

The specifics of each program will vary by the company offering it.

Motorlease’s Managed Fuel Card Plus Program allows you to control all of your fuel expenses in one convenient and flexible program, with the client deciding which exceptions that they want reported. 

Accepted at over 95% of U.S. fuel stations, and thousands in Canada, there will be no need for your drivers to plan routes around where to fuel or go out of their way to find the right gas station. Downloading the WEX Connect app in conjunction with the Motorlease Fuel Card Plus program will also allow your drivers to find the cheapest nearby fuel, thus saving your company money. The result is a fuel card program that empowers both you and your drivers.

Key Benefits
  • Motorlease creates drivers and orders branded fuel cards for new hires
  • Motorlease will order replacement fuel cards for circumstances where a card is lost or damaged
  • Motorlease monitors account activity and will notify the driver and fleet administrator if an alert has been triggered for items such as: No mileage entry made at the pump, High-dollar fuel purchases, & Excessive fill-ups
  • Motorlease provides detailed monthly reporting telling you who bought what, when, where and for how much
  • Motorlease will cancel cards and ‘terminate’ drivers for those who are no longer employed by the customer or those who no longer qualify for a fuel card
  • Motorlease provides reporting of fuel card data, such as: Miles per gallon, Cost per mile, Dollar spend per driver
Streamlined Billing
In addition to all of the benefits above, the Managed Fuel Card Plus Program also includes streamlined pass-through billing. WEX will invoice Motorlease directly for your entire monthly fuel spend, and you’re billed back via one, simple, easy to read invoice from Motorlease.