Toll Management

Managing your fleet’s toll program can be a major headache. Establishing numerous toll accounts, reconciling invoices from different drivers in different areas, and paying toll violations all take time out of your day and money out of your company’s pockets. Motorlease’s Toll Management Program eliminates all of those hassles.

Our all in one, easy-to-use program is designed to save both you and your drivers time and money.

Program benefits include:

  • No transponder necessary*
  • Nearly nationwide coverage
  • No service charges for toll violations
  • No waiting in long lines at toll booths
  • Works for any vehicle; whether it’s provided by Motorlease, owned by, your organization, or leased from another vendor
  • Consolidated billing eliminates the need for individual expense reports from drivers

*Gated toll booths do not have plate readers and thus will require the toll amount to be paid to the attendant