WEX Fuel Card

A WEX fuel card is a card provided by the company WEX which drivers use as a credit card for fuel purchases.

While most cards are restricted to fuel purchases only, some cards allow for all vehicle related maintenance to be charged on them. It is important to know which type of card you have in order to prevent confusion and possible declined charges.

From the driver’s perspective, a fuel card simplifies the process of obtaining fuel. Drivers simply swipe their card, submit their odometer reading, and enter their personal PIN.

Since WEX fuel cards are accepted at over 95% of U.S. fuel stations, and thousands in Canada, there is no need for drivers to plan routes around where to fuel or go our of their way to find the right gas station. WEX fuel card holders can also download the WEX Connect app in conjunction with their fuel card. This app will allow them to find the cheapest nearby fuel, thus saving their company money.

From the company’s perspective, WEX fuel cards provide them with controls and valuable data to allow them to manage their fuel spend more efficiently, if not managed by an outside party like a fleet management company.

WEX Fuel cards also allow for specific alerts to be established. If one of the pre-set issues occur, such as no mileage entry made at the pump, a high-dollar fuel purchase, or excessive fill-ups, a notification will be sent to both the driver as well as the fleet administrator.

Fleet administrators are also provided with detailed reports illustrating who bought what, when, where and for how much. Additional data is also available for analysis, including reports on miles per gallon, cost per mile, dollar spend per driver, and more. The result is more insight and control over the program.