Perfect fit fleet leasing

Despite what you may have experienced, fleet leasing isn’t a cookie cutter business. At least it shouldn’t be. Even though the industry wants you to believe you have to assume the used vehicle risk, you don’t. Motorlease provides customized closed-end and open-end fleet leasing solutions, for small to mid-sized fleets, that are built around the distinct needs of each of our client’s businesses. Because we are an independent leasing company, and not part of a large corporation, we can be more creative and flexible with our solutions.

Lease Options:

  • High Mileage
  • Flexible Terms
  • Fixed Cost

Service Options:

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Primary Auto Liability Insurance
  • Collision Insurance
  • Personal Use Tracking
  • Fuel Program
  • Driver Training

Customizable Leases

While all of our lease products can be customized to meet your needs, in our experience, closed-end leases are far and away the best overall value for fleet leasing. Compared to other leases, where fees can add up to thousands of extra dollars, our closed-end lease provides a predictable monthly expense and no surprises when the lease is up. When vehicles are turned in, your responsibility ends.


  • Guaranteed monthly payment
  • No hidden or surprise fees during your lease
  • No surprise fees at lease end
  • No risk in the value of the used vehicle
  • Pay only for the portion of the vehicle you use


  • No large outlay of cash
  • Capital preserved for business
  • Budget vehicle expenses years in advance
  • No responsibility for resale risk
  • Recognized as a true “Operating Lease”

Everything to keep your fleet moving

In order to be the most effective fleet management partner we can be for our clients, we empower our staff members to do whatever needs to be done to keep your fleet on the road. Our employees administer all of our lease management programs—you can be assured that when you call Motorlease, you will speak to an actual Motorlease employee.

Our clients get the last word

The most important thing that differentiates Motorlease is their flexibility and their willingness to customize a program that works for us. They are professional and honest, and they take the time to understand who we are and what our priorities are, and to work within those parameters. That’s why we’ve been a customer for 17 years.

Peter Foyto, Hardware Specialty Co., Inc., Long Island City, NY

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