What Makes Motorlease Different From Our Competitors?


When researching fleet management companies, the abundance of information and options available may seem overwhelming. At quick glance, many companies appear to offer the same services, leasing terms, and even similar pricing. However, not everything is as simple as what meets the eye.

Motorlease is a woman-owned, third-generation family-owned business, where customer clarity and satisfaction are essential. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of differentiators that explain how Motorlease offers unmatched service and experience.

Personalized Customer Care

As opposed to many of our competitors who are managing hundreds of thousands of fleet vehicles, Motorlease has a small, dedicated team that specializes in small and mid-sized vehicle fleets. As such, our team has more direct and personal interactions with our customers, including acting as the Fleet Manager and working directly with drivers.

We build personal relationships with our customers, taking the time to learn about their company goals and objectives, in order to provide them with the best options to ensure their long-term success. We look beyond what the company has presented us with and provide options that they may have never considered before.

Custom Leasing Options

While open-end leases are the most common within the industry, at Motorlease we understand that these might not be the best fit for all companies. As a result, we offer both open-end and closed-end leasing options. Additionally, for fleets that qualify we have also created a unique hybrid program that offers the flexibility of an open-end lease with the security of a closed-end lease.


At Motorlease, being responsive and able to provide a quick resolution for any issues that might occur is of the utmost importance to us. We realize that time is valuable and there is nothing more frustrating than watching the minutes tick by as you wait on hold to speak with a random customer service representative. 

That’s why we have an in-house team of experts who are not only equipped to answer questions but also empowered to make key decisions that deliver faster resolutions and allow customers to get back to their core business that much sooner.

Transparency and Simplicity

More often than not, when you reach the contract stage there is a need for additional explanation and clarification. In many business transactions, there tends to be an overwhelming amount of legalese, uncommon terminology, and confusing fees. At Motorlease, we are cognizant of this and do our best to craft straightforward, simple documentation that provides customers with a better understanding and clear outline of what they’re actually paying for.

Ready to wave goodbye to fleet management headaches?

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